Privacy statement


This policy of privacy is in reference to the domain which is also known as I-Coupon. This policy refers directly to the privacy rights of users on the domain, and does not encompass the privacy policies associated with any third party websites.  All third party websites are responsible for their own content and privacy policies.


In this privacy policy we refer to I-Coupon as “the service” and we refer to websites users as “users”.  We will also use the term “personal information” which is in reference to any information disclosed by you to I-Coupon through buying, registration, or account creation processes.  This information is disclosed by you at your personal choice.  By disclosing information to I-Coupon you agree to the following policies.  If you object to any of the following privacy concerns, we recommend that you do not create an account through our website at

1.  Information Collected

All information collected by I-Coupon is for the sole purpose of facilitating the service. We will ask specifically for permission or consent to use your information in any manner not specified in this policy. During the creation of an account we will ask you to register your name and email address. We use your email address to send updates on new coupons or daily deals.  We reserve the right to contact you at anytime via email after the creation of an account, until otherwise instructed not to contact you. You may choose not to receive emails from our website by writing to us at, and specifying you would not like to receive such updates.  Also all daily deals emails we send to have an “unsubscribe” link located at the bottom, for which you can unsubscribe at any time.


We will not distribute or sell your name or email address in any way.  In some cases you may choose to add additional information to your account, or by connecting with a third party social network, such as Facebook, you may provide additional information.  This information will be used only by the I-Coupon network and will also not be sold or distributed in any manner. Only in the circumstance of a direct purchase from I-Coupon and pertaining to a third party business will your name and email address will be distributed to that specific third party business. I-Coupon will disclose your name, email address, and the date you purchased the product in order to allow businesses the ability to track products or coupons sold through our website.  Your credit card information or other personal details will not be disclosed under any circumstance.


We reserve the right to store and publicly display any content that you generate and submit to any page on our website, including your personal account.  All displayed information is voluntarily entered, and hence if you do not wish to disclose information you should not post or submit it. This refers to the information that you submit or post to our website for public display, such as coupons, locations, business information, personal information, opinions, ratings, reviews, comments, and any other manually entered data.  All information included in user profiles will be publicly displayed and it is your responsibility to monitor the information you submit on the I-Coupon website once you register or connect to our site.


2.  Feedback and Support

When you contact I-Coupon we will capture any information offered for future service and customer support records.  Any information you volunteer can be captured and stored by I-Coupon for private records and for increased customer support in the future. 


3.  Cookies and Facebook

When you visit our website we use cookies to capture information about your browser and your online identity. Cookies refer to a small piece of information that is stored by internet browsers via your hard drive, and they are used to remember your online identity and disclose your unique IP address. We use ongoing cookies to remember your account when leaving and returning to I-Coupon, which may stay in your internet browser until you manually delete them.


4.  Legal Issues

If necessary I-Coupon has the right to use information about you from your account or that is volunteered within the network to settle legal issues or disputes.

5.  Information Disclosure

I-Coupon will not sell or distribute your information, with the following exceptions:

a)    To a third party in good faith that it will help to settle a legal dispute, satisfy a search warrant or help to protect I-Coupon.
b)     Your purchasing information will be disclosed to the third party business in which a private purchase of a coupon or gift-certificate is made.
c)    We may disclose statistical information such as number of clicks, subscribers, account users, and more to our third party business affiliates.

6.  Sharing Information

As a part of I-Coupon we invite you to share our service with friends and family, and in some situations you can willing volunteer information about others. We reserve the right to use this information to contact your referees via email or other social networks.  All connections made in this manner have right to refuse service or discontinue contact with I-Coupon at any time.

7.  Third Party Links

The I-Coupon site contains links to third party websites in which the content is not controlled in any way by I-Coupon.  We may represent or present similar interests, but we will not share personal data with any third party website, and all information you share directly is at your own choosing and acts separately from I-Coupon.


8.  Personal Data

When you include personal information in your submissions, such as name, contact info, and pictures, this may allow other network users to identify or contact you. Information that you may wish to keep private we ask that you do not disclose on I-Coupon’s website.

9.  Personal Security

I-Coupon uses password protected accounts that are used to verify your identity upon entrance into the site.  Our website uses internet standards of account protection to ensure that your personal information is accessed by only those authorized to the account. Our database of user information is limited to those employees only that need it to perform their job function. We will do everything in our power to ensure your personal security, but we cannot ensure that your information will always be protected in the manner disclosed in this policy and we cannot ensure the protection of your information from others.

By accepting this Privacy Policy you understand that I-Coupon is not responsible for information received or intercepted by anyone or anything across the internet, and you release I-Coupon from any damages or liability that may arise as a result of such interception or mishandling of information.

10.  Email Contact

As previously disclosed, once you register or connect with I-Coupon we will begin to contact you via email by default.  We will not spam your email, but rather alert you on a regular basis to discounts, savings, or deals that may be of interest.  You can unsubscribe to regular emails at any time.  Additionally the only emails that you will still receive will be those of utmost importance pertaining to terms, privacy, or system alerts.

11. Terms and Modifications to this Privacy Policy

I-Coupon reserves the right to modify any aspects of our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy at any time.  All changes will be disclosed and updated on the website in the current “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” section as well as the “PRIVACY POLICY” section.  Changes that pertain directly to your account or personal information will be sent out in a system-wide email notification.

If you do not wish to remain an I-Coupon account, you may contact us to cancel it for you.

12.  Following the Privacy Policy

For any reason if you feel that I-Coupon is not upholding the privacy policy or some aspect of the network is not acting in accordance with the policies laid forth, please notify us by email at  We will do everything in our power to correct the errors and resolve the matter to ensure consistent performance with the privacy policy.

13.  Recovering your information

In some cases you may need to contact I-Coupon to recover account information.  Please use the systems in place to correct missing user names, passwords, or email addresses.  In such cases you may need to disclose personal information in order to recover your account.


Any questions not specifically addressed in this privacy policy can be answered by emailing